CRYPTO-CODESAFER - Simple in appearance, effective in use

With the CRYPTO-CODESAFER you can save your 12 or 24 recovery words (RECOVERY SEED or RECOVERY PHRASE) on 3mm thick, robust stainless steel. It consists of two CODESAFER plates, four screws and four spacers. All parts are made of stainless steel and are of Swiss quality. In addition, a self-adhesive magnet and a bit insert are supplied to fix the special screws.


A CODESAFER plate has space for twelve words, which are encased in steel letters. Since the stainless steel plate is very hard, you have to hit the punch letter several times with the hammer. As long as you can read the word, it doesn't matter if a letter is shifted or "doubled".

Then both plates are placed against each other (writing to writing) and securely screwed together with the four special screws and spacers supplied. In this way, the RECOVERY SEED is secure and cannot be read immediately. Optionally, two locks can be fixed at the two opposite ends (screw holes).


Keep your CRYPTO-CODESAFER in a safe place. You can stick the supplied magnet on the back of the CRYPTO-CODESAFER. This gives you the option of hiding the CRYPTO-CODESAFER anywhere in the house or apartment. There are no limits to your creativity.

Extreme important

Never reveal your 12 or 24 recovery words, not even to engrave or stamp them on the CRYPTO-CODERSAFER plates.

You must do this yourself!

If your 12 or 24 recovery words fall into the wrong hands, you will irrevocably lose your cryptocurrencies.

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