CRYPTO CODESAFER - the ultimate backup for the RECOVERY SEED


The CRYPTO-CODESAFER® is made of bare stainless steel and is so robust that it can withstand an earthquake, fire or flood. Thus, the various crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. are kept safe at all times.

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Inconspicuously simple

The CRYPTO-CODESAFER is simple in appearance but effective in use! It keeps the 12 or 24 recovery words (RECOVERY SEED) safe. Nobody sees what it is made of - that is its real strength!

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Why is the CRYPTO-CODESAFER® needed?

Are you using a DIGITAL WALLET from a provider or a HARDWARE WALLET from TREZOR or LEDGER? This is a very good option, but what happens if the DIGITAL WALLET provider goes offline or the HARDWARE WALLET is lost or broken? How do you get your cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. supplied sheet of paper? Bad luck if it is lost in a fire, earthquake or flood, or in contact with solvents.

The CRYPTO-CODESAFER® protects against nasty surprises.


manufactured with Swiss precision

secured with special screws

resistant to solvents

resistant to fire

resistant to water

resistant to pressure


The RECOVERY SEED is the most important element to secure the DIGITAL WALLET or HARDWARE WALLET . However, the RECOVERY SEED must be properly backed up in order to be restored later.

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